Mark Rule & Company – Tax Preparation


Mark Rule & Company provides full-service tax return preparation for individuals. We can help with special concerns such as multi-state returns, overseas employment, retirement contributions and withdrawals, and inheritance issues. We can also do coordination between multiple business ventures on your personal return, and calculation of estimated tax payments. In addition, we provide gift tax return preparation and charitable trust advising and compliance as well as divorce consulting and assistance. We offer consulting on farms, rentals, retirement planning and much more.


Your business will receive a variety of services from our firm that are tailored to meet your needs. We offer advice on which type of business entity to choose, retirement plan options, tax return preparation for all business entities, as well as tax planning. We can provide management advisory services such as cash flow analysis, financial projections and loan applications, financial statement preparation (compilation and reviews), business consulting for expansion, start-up, succession and difficult times. Our full-service staff can assist your business with a variety of technologies and accounting systems consulting in software such as QuickBooks®.


Nonprofit entities can choose from a variety of services. These include help with tax exemption applications, tax return preparation, consulting for start-up and expansion, and budgeting. We can help with financial statement preparation (compilation and reviews). Also, we offer not-for-profit organizations service in setting up an accounting system and internal control, consulting on various issues like lobbying and unrelated business taxable income, achieving and maintaining tax exemption, and reporting compliance to donors.